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Innovation is no longer the business of R&D, IT or the executive team. It belongs to everyone inside the organization and learning how to unleash it as part of your operational DNA is where we excel. Our corporate innovation training and coaching programs prepares your team in deploying new disruptive business models.

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Organizational and team agility are quickly becoming one of the few competitive levers in the new economy. We help your leaders and teams master this critical skill and gain the leverage needed to create value for your clients while remaining relevant to their increasingly shifting needs.

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Companies and organizations of all sizes must now integrate skills such as strategic foresight, horizon scanning and scenario planning as part of their long-term and short-term strategic outlook. We help you design a clear vision of the future based on purpose, innovation, leadership, talent and technology.

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Organizational Design

How your organization makes critical decisions; how fast you respond to customers’ shifting needs; and how much autonomy you give to employees are now some of the critical elements that separate intelligent organizations from the pack. We help you design fluid and responsive organizations that can survive in ever changing environments.

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We Prepare You For What’s Next

Our singular focus since our inception has been to help organizations understand the changes taking place around them by bringing their future business models to life by aligning people, processes, technology, and strategy to redefine the way they deliver value. We do this by applying the drivers of change to your organization through a simple formula:

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We help you…

Reinvent Your Business Model

Our work is rooted in building an understanding of your business and helping you develop new frameworks for creating emerging business models for 21st century market needs.

Adapt to Emerging Challenges

We help companies move into the future by taking an iterative approach to creative work, developing innovation-driven teams, and cultivating agile leaders who thrive in fluid environments.

Innovate and Deliver at Scale

Our simple approach to incorporating innovation design and agile principles to how products and services are delivered is central to what we do and how we help you succeed in a 24/7 connected economy.

Reimagine The Value Chain

We help you place your customers at the center of your critical decisions and ensure that your services or products respond to their ever-shifting expectations.

At Gilead Sanders we understand that your change management, agile processes, innovation practice and strategic approach is unique to you and how you operate. We take the time to understand your business needs, identify your unique challenges and design customized solutions to address them. We help you prepare for what comes next…

Case studies

An impressive collection of achievements

"Unleashing The Future of Business" (UTFOB) Conference at    Lynn University

"Unleashing The Future of Business" (UTFOB) Conference at Lynn University


Preparing for the Marketplace of the Future


What does the marketplace of the future look like? What will the needs of companies look like? What type of skills will employees need to remain relevant and create value. In 2013, Lynn University, a small private school in Boca Raton Florida sought out to look for some plausible answers based on some emerging trends that had begun to take shape in the marketplace.


Gilead Sanders brought together some of the foremost thinkers, futurists, and facilitators for the first ever "Unleashing The Future of Business" (UTFOB) Conference at Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL.  The UTFOB Conference sponsored by Cisco was a full day program that helped CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and business executives and academic leaders understand the major trends surrounding the field of innovation, technology, talent management and the Internet of Things to start a “conversation” around some of the biggest changes taking place in the global marketplace. Gilead Sanders hosts the UTFOB conference for its clients and prospects every two years to help crowdsource ideas and learn the latest techniques in transforming organizations for the 21st century.


Lynn University has begun a continuing conversation with the business community based on the successful launch of the UTFOB conference. Businesses regularly meet to discuss both macro and micro trends that may have an impact on their sector and are developing skills such as scenario planning and horizon scanning as part of their strategic focus.

Episcopalian Diocese  of Southeast Florida

Episcopalian Diocese of Southeast Florida


Turning a new page


The world is changing quickly and bringing with it new questions of faith, spirituality and beliefs. How does a 400-year old institution reimagine faith in a world of constant information and disintegrating borders? The answer was a joining of old-world beliefs with new world access and fusing the two in a manner that provided validity and credibility to both.


When the Episcopalian Diocese of Southeast Florida approached Gilead Sanders to  hold a strategy facilitation session for its executive team and congregants, we approached this task carefully, as it was a project with deep ramifications. The Church had embarked on a journey of transformation as it looked toward fulfilling the needs of a new generation of parishioners with very different habits and needs. Gilead Sanders provided participants with a rich environment to “dream” about “the church of the future”  and how to best respond to the changing needs of its congregants. The result was an amazing flourish of ideas involving the integration of social media, mobility, the Internet of Things and  live casts serving as platforms for an ecosystem that could reach believers and prospects where and when they needed it the most. It was an important project for Gilead Sanders to succeed at, because  we understood the magnitude of getting it right for future generations.


The Anglican church has begun to reach out to a new generation of parishioners by adopting new means of communication such as social media, live webcasts and online giving. As more individuals search for meaning in their lives, they now have access to more ideas and opportunities to share with others no matter where they are in the world.

Xavier University

Xavier University


Incorporating what tomorrow will bring


Xavier University is the sixth-oldest Catholic and fourth-oldest Jesuit university in the United States. The school boast one of the few Innovation Centers in the country focused on integrating academics with corporate innovation. As a means of helping students and faculty gain a better insight into the changing needs of businesses, the school embarked on a journey of discovery by speaking with thought leaders on the cutting edge of change management to learn what academia should be getting right for the 21st century.


Gilead Sanders was asked to speak to the Business Leaders of Tomorrow and provide them with some keen insights on how to be better prepared as future knowledge workers. The Gilead Sanders Team provided a 2-hour workshop entitled “The DNA Of Reinvention: Reinventing Business Models for the 21st Century” to over 200 students, faculty and staff on the changing dynamics of work, businesses and the marketplace.


Students and staff refocused their ideas on how to better prepare for the future of work by aligning their curriculum with the shifting needs of businesses. Gilead Sanders works with organizations in helping them think about the changing nature of their industries and the impact that technologies, innovation and digital platforms will bring in transforming their business models.



Western Union is a global Fortune 500 financial company and the largest money transfer company in the world with over 500,000 agent locations worldwide. The 160-year old company has reinvented itself through the decades, each time focusing on the growing trends of its customer-base and fulfilling their needs for fast, convenient services and most of all peace of mind. By the early 2000’s the company began noticing a growing trend of its customers transferring money using online services and increasingly through mobile technologies. This new trend had begun squeezing the profit margins of many of the agents who had been used to cash-to-cash transfers as a main profit center. The challenge confronting Western Union is to begin preparing their agents for an increasingly digital business model where clients rely heavily on technology and mobile platforms to conduct their wire transfer.

 Solution :

 Gilead Sanders was asked to provide a strategic foresight workshop to over 150 Western Union agents from the Caribbean and Canada and provide an overview of the growing trends in wire transfers and the virtualization of money. Gilead Sanders’s team provided participants with a clear roadmap of coming trends and the growing use of mobility by their customer-base for everyday tasks through the rise of connectivity, The Blockchain, and the Internet of Things. The Gilead Sanders team also provided an overview on how to develop a digital ecosystem that would allow Western Union agents to develop a seamless delivery platform of services while allowing strategic partners to participate with them in providing value-added services.


Thanks to Gilead Sanders’ strategic foresight retreat, Western Union has been focusing its efforts on upgrading technologies for its agents worldwide and how to shift their business strategy. With a growing mobile consumer base, Western Union has begun the shift of helping its agents become knowledge portals for their customers’ financial needs for both short-term and long-term goals.

As information becomes readily available and the option to use mobile devices to perform transactions in seconds anytime, anywhere, Western Union agents now focus on creating a unique experience for their customers by developing and integrating a cohesive and seamless digital ecosystem with key strategic partners that can provide a one-of-a-kind interaction during transfers. The company and its agents are now positioned to tackle the future head on no matter where it goes by focusing strategically on where its customers will need them most.